Views On Gay

As gay are pushing through the right to be able to be recognized by society there is also the opposing party to it. But the effort would not stop as there is a law that says all should be equal and no discrimination. Some members of the gay community receive discrimination from those who do not accept. There would be always a dividing concern but the stand of the concerned community will not stop also until rights are recognized. Here is an image to show support.

There is a large population of gay people around the world and so it is one that should not be disregarded. That is because more and more would join the community as even children are now voicing out that they are gay. That is why others are going through the process of letting their body be changed into one that they desire. It is already an occurrence long time ago but this is the time that more people now acknowledge their sexual preference and are able to show the world.

As they say, it is more relaxed today that people could have the mind to accept changes. But it is still a reality that there is the view of the natural law that has already been made since the beginning of humankind. That is why people also pursue what they view as right and stand on that ground as the other party does. That is why this would be an issue that would not close but will just co-exist.