The countries who welcome more and acknowledge gay rights

It is not everywhere that you go that you can encounter people all respect gays. That is because there is a difference in the opinion just as in election that people choose to vote the one from the other. It is not just a personal issue sometimes. But there are those also who because of what they believe that they also do not acknowledge gays. They can tolerate but they do not like to have something to do with them. Here are ten countries that are gay-friendly.

The number one in the list is the country of Belgium. It is no wonder then that this country has produced thousands of babies that have been under artificial insemination. It is the process aside from adoption that gay and lesbians do so they can also have children and have a complete family. The number two country is Ireland that has many establishments for the gay people. This is a good place to visit as you can be able to have some freedom.

It may be surprising to know that Israel is one of the countries that have the best support for the gay community. They had given a good rating to be a recommended place for gay to travel. This is a good information to be noted. But there are more countries like South Africa, Portugal, Brazil, and Uruguay. Most of the countries also that is listed above had already legalized same-sex marriage. So, anyone who is looking for the travel destination, the above is good to start with.