The Debate on Worldwide Same-sex Marriage Issue

It is no longer a secret that a person is a lesbian or a gay. Since people starts to accept the real identity of a person whether it is their child, relative, friend, or even partner, people who admitted that they are lesbian or gay are brave enough to face the people. Some even had surgical operations just to look like a real man while gay people also were willing to undergo an operation to look like a real woman. These things are already normal.

In some countries, same-sex marriage became legal. But, there is still a continuous debate about this in some countries who don’t allow same-sex marriage. There are activists who support this kind of marriage while others oppose it because in their viewpoint, it is not right for lesbians and gays to have marriage. The question is, until when will this debate last? Will the government give rights to the LGBT community just like in other countries? Whether it looks good or not, can you change them?All you have to do in order to fix your eye problem is to visit this eye clinic. Check their website in here for you to gain more info 眼科. They serve people with the best way to ensure the health of their eyes.

Celebrities as well as normal people who belong to the LGBT community are still fighting for their rights even if it cost them great amount of money just to win their rights and live like normal people and normal couples. There are even ways and methods which was approved in some countries for the LGBT community to have children even if it is not fully from them. Anyway, both parties who are having the debate should carefully consider about the possible consequences of their decision.