Engagement Stage vs Marriage: The Difference

A person who have a positive view about having a relationship with the opposite gender is a person who believes in true love. Those who haven’t yet experienced to be cheated and never experienced to be hurt so badly are the ones who still have hope that they can find the right partner for them. For some men, they are sincere about showing their love for their partner while some men just regard their current relationship as an experience. It is the same with some women.

The Engagement Stage

When couples had a relationship for a couple of years, usually five to six years or less, the man would have the courage to propose to her girlfriend. And if the woman already thought about getting married, she would surely say “yes” to the proposal. Before this stage known as the engagement stage happens, the couple had their time to know each other for years and carefully assess each other if they are the perfect match. Then, they would come to a decision. Only from this site you can shop the best dress for a wedding. You can check more from this article. See new designs of dresses made from Jasmine bridal.


After the engagement stage, preparation will start for about six months to one year. But if the couples are ready, they can actually prepare for their wedding right after the engagement. It depends on what kind of wedding the couple wants to have. In this stage, there will be no turning back. If the couple were not true in showing their real nature, there will be problems later on. Getting married is not easy. But if you need to travel and pay for your fees, it is best here reference. Difficulties and trials are coming on its way.