Some of the wedding traditions of the world

A wedding is a very happy event as this would be the time that a couple would be able to become one. The marriage ceremony is usually done based on culture and until today, there are many who still does. The traditional wedding practice has dwindled due to the influence of other countries and because of the changed perceptions of people. The opinion in one matter may be different and there could also be the conflict with the choice of parents and the couple to choose tradition or not.

In the infographic, you could see some of the things that are usual when there is a wedding. It varies from different countries and culture but it has some of the common ones that have influenced weddings around the world. They can have a church wedding or the civil wedding depending on what they like. They can also invite as many guests as they want or make it a private affair by inviting only selected people who can witness the tying of vows.

There are also wedding traditions that are very nice to practice but there are also others who are not that much appealing to others. Even if many are marrying in a civil way so that they could save money, many also are doing the opposite. They still have the reason that there should be a church wedding so that it is one that they could prepare and it could be the gift of the groom to the bride as a woman.