Countries Marriage Was Legalized

As gay around the world is coming out, they are also pushing to receive the rights that they should have. As countries are opening their door and are making laws that allow gay and lesbians to have the same right just as they have the sex they prefer rather than what they are born of. Even if it is still an issue that would not stop as there is still the opposing side of this issue, the gay and lesbian community will pursue to have same rights.

Now let us take a look at the countries that allow gay marriage. In the country of Spain, they have made it legal in the year 2005 also with Canada. Before they had made it a law, Belgium had already made it as a law in the year 2003. No one followed immediately as a debate goes on until 2006 when South Africa has made it into law. But one country had made it as a law earlier than all of the countries above. In the year of 2000, The Netherlands have put it into law.

In 2008, Norway gives in. Sweden then in the year 2009 has followed and made it into law. The following year, Iceland and Argentina have also made the headlines when they had made the law to make it legal. Many more will surely follow as this would not end up. Updates would be made into this list as this list was only until 2010 having Portugal as the last recorded country at this year.